Fall 2020 Rush Sign-Up


Information for Fall 2020 Recruitment


There are 24 recognized Fraternities within the IFC, each founded on a unique set of principles and values. Recruitment is a time where potential new members get the opportunity to meet members of each of these chapters in order to identify where they believe they best fit. Throughout this rush period, which is typically about 2 weeks long, we encourage those interested in joining an IFC fraternity to interact with as many fraternities as possible in order to find the fraternity they want to join. In order to join a fraternity at UMD, there are several requirements: 12 credits, and at least a 2.5 GPA. While 2.5 is the minimum for the council, individual chapters might have a different GPA minimum, such as a 2.75. Be sure to ask every fraternity you speak with about their specific membership standards.



  • Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great summer break and are staying healthy. The IFC board is extremely excited to have you all back on campus. Although there will be some significant changes to recruitment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we as a board are committed to helping you all have the most successful recruitment possible. At the bottom of this document you will find a timeline of events for this semester’s recruitment period along with some details regarding what recruitment will look like this semester.  



  • September 14th, 2020: Fall Recruitment begins
  • September 21st, 2020: Deadline for Potential New Members (PNM) to create a Campus Director Account (No later than 11:59 PM). If a PNM creates an account after this date, the chapter they accept a bid from will be fined $13 per PNM. 
  • September 25th-September 28th: Bids may be extended starting on 9/25 at midnight and ending on 9/28 at 11:59 PM. 



  • To reiterate, recruitment this semester will be conducted entirely online. This means that IFC programming events, like Meet the IFC and Open House, will be canceled for this semester. 
  • Chapter recruitment events should be conducted virtually. If your chapter would like to explore the possibility of hosting an in-person event, you may contact the school for approval (Exact guidelines for this process have not yet been provided. I will issue these guidelines to you all upon completion). 
  • In place of Open House, each chapter may submit a “MTV Cribs” style video that will be posted on the IFC website and social media page. The video should be around 2 minutes in length where chapters can give a virtual tour of their house, discuss their chapters accolades, and introduce members of their chapter. This is an opportunity for you all to get creative and have some fun. Please submit these videos to me no later than 9/14 and PLEASE make sure they are appropriate.  



  • Starting on 9/14, the IFC website and social media page will begin posting each chapter’s recruitment video, rush schedule, and chapter contact information. This is a great way for you guys to get a feel for the IFC chapters at Maryland and also get you their contact information. 9/14 is also the first date you guys can begin making Campus Director accounts (WHICH IS REQUIRED TO JOIN ANY IFC CHAPTER). The quicker you complete this the better. If you have any issues making an account, please reach out to me, my contact information is below. 



  • As you all have heard during this pandemic, we truly are in unprecedented times. This semester’s recruitment will be vastly different compared to years prior. Several major changes have already been made and depending on the state of UMD, more changes to recruitment may occur. I ask you all to bear with us as we try to have the best and safest semester possible. For your safety and the safety of the University of Maryland community, please be smart with your actions. If you have any questions regarding recruitment, feel free to reach out to me (Text message is the best way to reach me). My contact information can be found below. I am looking forward to this semester’s recruitment! 


Matt Dewees

IFC Vice President of Recruitment




Parent FAQ


Joining a fraternity is a big commitment, and can be a confusing process. Here are some frequently asked questions to help students and families navigate the recruitment process:

  1. How much does it cost to be in a fraternity?
    • Each specific chapter sets their dues for each semester. Contact the chapter directly to find out how much dues are on average.
  2. Do I have to live in the chapter house?
    • It is not a university requirement that members live in a chapter facility, however individual chapters may have stipulations about members living in the house. For any chapter with a recognized facility (found on our Chapters page), there is a full-time professional house director living in the house to support the men and the facility.
  3. What are the academic outcomes of joining a fraternity?
    • One of the positive outcomes of being involved in a fraternity is the ability to manage schoolwork, relationships with other people, and the hard work and leadership that is central to the experience. Traditionally, we have seen over time that all fraternity men’s average GPA is higher than that of all men at the University of Maryland.
  4. What support do fraternities receive from the university?
    • Boasting a staff of 25 (the largest in North America), the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life is a dedicated team working to help steward the Greek community towards action that aligns with our values. The department includes 15 resident directors who live in chapter facilities, advisors who work directly with chapters and governing councils, a team dedicated to facility maintenance and growth, as well folks working on special projects for the community such as sustainability, sexual assault prevention, and diversity and inclusion.


NOTE: Fraternities with missing information have either not submitted their recruitment schedule or are not participating in recruitment this semester


  • Alpha Delta Phi
    • Rush Chairs: Will Laing (443)-510-1607, Nick Delafuente (973)-713-3127
    • Rush Schedule: 
      • 9/16: Meet the Brothers 
      • 9/18: Game Night
      • 9/20: NFL Watch Party
      • 9/22: Poker Night 
      • 9/24: Interviews 
  • Alpha Sigma Phi
    • Rush Chair: Connor Mackey (443)-905-6837
    • Rush Schedule: 
      • 9/15: Meet the Brothers Zoom
      • 9/17: Zoom Poker
      • 9/22: Jackbox.TV Night
      • 9/24: Zoom Poker
      • 9/25: Bids 
  • Alpha Tau Omega 
  • Beta Theta Pi 
  • Chi Phi
  • Delta Sigma Phi
  • Delta Upsilon 
    • Rush Chair: Aidan Sandman-Long (202)-793-1247
    • Rush Schedule: 
      • 9/15: Information Meeting
      • 9/18: Virtual Hangout
      • 9/21: Virtual Cards Against Humanity
      • 9/22-9/23: Zoom Interviews   
  • Kappa Alpha Order
  • Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Phi Delta Theta 
    • Rush Chairs: Eli Wallace (781)-492-0298, Max Horowitz (424)-777-5518
    • Rush Schedule: 
      • 9/15: Meet the Brother Zoom 
      • 9/17: *Open House* (Pending approval from the school)
      • 9/18: Virtual Invite Only 
      • 9/23: Virtual Invite Only
  • Phi Kappa Psi
  • Phi Kappa Tau
    • Rush Chair: Zachary Pilarski (619)-602-6854
    • Rush Schedule: 
      • 9/14: Meet the Guys/ Virtual Football Watch Party
      • 9/16: Online Poker
      • 9/18: Online DJ Set 
      • 9/21: *Bubble Soccer* (Pending approval from the school)
      • 9/25: Bids
  • Phi Sigma Kappa
    • Rush Chairs: Devin Furness (571)-512-2981, Greg Sarafian (201)-364-0746
    • Rush Schedule:
      • 9/15: Meet the Brothers Zoom
      • 9/17: Zoom Games
      • 9/22: Virtual Hangout 
  • Website: umdpsk.org
  • Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
    • Rush Chair: Nick Daeschner (443)-987-5441
    • Rush Schedule:
      • 9/15: Meet the Brother Zoom Meeting
      • 9/17: Online Poker Night  
      • 9/20: Warzone and Madden Night
      • 9/21-9/22: Zoom Interviews


  • Sigma Alpha Mu
  • Sigma Chi
  • Sigma Nu
    • Rush Chairs: Spencer Riley (781) 738-7232, Nate Dresin (443) 668-6821
    • Rush Schedule: 
      • 9/14: Fall recruitment begins
        9/19: (tentative date) – Meet the Chapter/Info session on zoom 
      • 9/21: Deadline for Potential New Members to sign up on Campus Director
      • 9/23: Virtual Invite only
      • 9/25-9/28: Bid extension period
  • Sigma Phi Delta 
    • Rush Chair: David Umansky (240)-620-2585
    • Rush Schedule: 
      • 9/15: Information Session I
      • 9/17: Information Session II
      • 9/18: Virtual Poker
      • 9/20: Virtual House Tour
      • 9/21: Video Game Night
      • 9/22: Information Session II
      • 9/23: Professional Event
      • 9/24: Invite Only Event
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon 
    • Rush Chair: Kevin Granfield (857)-636-1250
    • Rush Schedule: 
      • 9/15: Zoom Welcome Event
      • 9/17: Zoom Video Game Tournament 
      • 9/18: Zoom Trivia 
      • 9/20: Online Poker
      • 9/24: Zoom Video Game Tournament
      • 9/25-9/26: Bids over Zoom
  • Sigma Tau Gamma
    • Rush Chair: Chris Draghi (516)-933-3258
    • Rush Schedule:
      • 9/15: Speed Dating
      • 9/16: Discord Night
      • 9/17: Cards Against Humanity
      • 9/25: Virtual Bid Dinner 
  • Tau Epsilon Phi
  • Zeta Beta Tau
    • Seth Rabinowitz (215)-593-0216
    • Rush Schedule:
      • 9/16: Virtual Information Session
      • 9/17: Video Game Tournament
      • 9/19: Virtual Casino Night 
      • 9/20-9/23: Virtual Interviews 
  • Zeta Psi
    • Rush Chairs: Ben Maurer (240)-888-7334, Jack McGovern (860)-990-8565
    • Rush Schedule: 
      • 9/15: Zoom Information Meeting
      • 9/17: Online Poker
      • 9/19: Madden/COD Night
      • 9/20: Online Poker
      • 9/22-9/23: Zoom Interviews
      • 9/24: Madden/COD
      • 9/25-9/26: Bid Extension