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 Are you interested in learning more about the IFC and Greek Life on Campus? If so, then stay tuned to learn more from our IFC and chapter members for our Meet the Greeks Event! 



Meet the IFC

August 28th, 2024 Time TBD

La Plata Beach


Open Houses

September 1, 2024

Explore the row and other houses around campus!
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Sign up for recruitment on Chapter Builder as soon as possible!


Last Day to Register – Monday, Sep 9th

Bids are released – Friday, Sep 13th

Deadline to accept bids – Monday, Sep 16th


Have a copy of your Unofficial Transcript on hand and either submit it to Campus Director or email IFC VP of Recruitment Danny Russel

(Required: at least 12 credits and a minimum GPA of 2.5) 

We hope to see you soon! 

Questions or concerns? Contact IFC VP of Recruitment Danny Russel


In Regard to Unrecognized Organizations

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing council of member fraternities at the University of Maryland (UMD). With that, the IFC has a responsibility to promote the safety and success of all current, former, and future members of our council. It has come to the attention of the IFC that several organizations that are currently unrecognized are attempting to recruit new members to their organizations. The University of Maryland defines an unrecognized group as “a number of persons who are associated with each other as former members of an organization for which the Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life status has been revoked.” Any group recruiting not listed below is no longer affiliated with IFC or the Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life. These organizations include, but are not limited to: Alpha Epsilon Pi (“AEPI”), Phi Delta Theta (PDT), and Tau Kappa Epsilon (“TKE”). Within the last 24 months, the Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life has removed recognition due to conduct or disciplinary issues. They have the potential to be unsafe and we advise all potential new members looking to join an IFC chapter to not join these organizations.


Alpha Delta Phi     Alpha Sigma Phi     Alpha Tau Omega   

 Beta Theta Pi      Chi Phi     Delta Sigma Phi     

Kappa Alpha Order     Lambda Chi Alpha         

Phi Gamma Delta       Phi Kappa Tau        Phi Sigma Kappa

Sigma Alpha Epsilon     Sigma Alpha Mu     Sigma Chi

Sigma Nu     Sigma Phi Delta     Sigma Phi Epsilon          Theta Chi

Tau Epsilon Phi     Zeta Beta Tau     Zeta Psi

If you are interested in joining an IFC Chapter please start this process by creating a Chapter Builder account HERE.

If you have any questions regarding underground organizations or IFC Recruitment please reach out to:

IFC President Geoffrey Dochat at or IFC VP of Recruitment Danny Russel at 

Authored By:

Geoffrey Dochat, President

Billy Duffy, Chief Justice

Danny Russel, Vice President of Recruitment

Information for Fall 2023 Recruitment


At UMD, there are 21 recognized Fraternities within the IFC, each founded on a unique set of principles and values. Recruitment is a time when potential new members get the opportunity to meet members of each of these chapters in order to identify where they believe they best fit. Throughout this time period, which is typically about 2 weeks long, we encourage those interested in joining an IFC fraternity to interact with as many fraternities as possible in order to find the fraternity they want to join. In order to join a fraternity at UMD, there are several requirements: 12 credits, and at least a 2.5 GPA. While 2.5 is the minimum for the council, individual chapters might have a different GPA minimum, such as 2.75. Be sure to ask every fraternity you speak with about their specific membership standards.



  • You can now  begin making a Campus Director account (WHICH IS REQUIRED TO JOIN ANY IFC CHAPTER). The quicker you complete this the better. If you have any issues making an account, please reach out to me, my contact information is below.
  • For your safety and the safety of the University of Maryland community, please be smart with your actions. If you have any questions regarding recruitment, feel free to reach out to me (text message is the best way to reach me). My contact information can be found below. I am looking forward to this semester’s recruitment!


Danny Russel

IFC VP of Recruitment

(301) – 919 – 1016

Parent FAQ


Joining a fraternity is a big commitment, and can be a confusing process. Here are some frequently asked questions to help students and families navigate the recruitment process:

  1. How much does it cost to be in a fraternity?
    • Each specific chapter sets its own dues for each semester. Contact the chapter directly to find out how much dues cost on average.
  2. Do I have to live in the chapter house?
    • It is not a university requirement that members live in a chapter facility, however, individual chapters may have stipulations about members living in the house. For any chapter with a recognized facility (found on our Chapters page), there is a full-time professional House Director or Resident Director living in the house to support the men and the facility.
  3. What are the academic outcomes of joining a fraternity?
    • One of the positive outcomes of being involved in a fraternity is the ability to manage schoolwork, relationships with other people, and the hard work and leadership that are central to the experience. Traditionally, we have seen over time that the all fraternity men’s average GPA is higher than that of all men at the University of Maryland.
  4. What support do fraternities receive from the university?
    • Boasting a staff of 28, the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life is a dedicated team working to help steward the Greek community towards action that aligns with our values. The department includes 20 Resident Directors who live in chapter facilities, advisors who work directly with chapters and governing councils, a team dedicated to facility maintenance and growth, and folks working on special projects for the community such as sustainability, sexual assault prevention, and diversity and inclusion.


NOTE: Fraternities with missing information have either not submitted their recruitment schedule or are not participating in recruitment this semester

  • Alpha Delta Phi
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Wade Eubanks (203) 914-3410
  • Alpha Sigma Phi
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Evan Robinson (410) 917-7279
  • Alpha Tau Omega 
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Jake Campbell (610) 554-1115
  • Beta Theta Pi 
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Jonah Schneider (667) 305-5549
  • Chi Phi
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Matthew Salay 
  • Delta Sigma Phi
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Bobby Hill (301) 575-4882
  • Kappa Alpha Order
    • Recruitment Chair(s): William Duffy (215) 390-6029
  • Lambda Chi Alpha
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Sy Ghosh (973) 307-8366
  • Phi Gamma Delta 
    • Recruitment Chair(s):
  • Phi Kappa Tau
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Jake McDonald (203) 851-3206
  • Phi Sigma Kappa
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Parker Homann (267) 216-5865
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Nick LaPietra (973) 771-9122
  • Sigma Alpha Mu
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Sam Cogan (301) 801-6364 
  • Sigma Chi
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Caleb Rahaim (508) 630-4249
  • Sigma Nu
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Jordan Stein (856) 298-0052
  • Sigma Phi Delta 
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Tarun Narahari (503) 906-0933
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon 
    • Recruitment Chair(s): 
  • Tau Epsilon Phi
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Andrew McBride (201) 642-4849
  • Theta Chi
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Aishik Palit (908) 293-3366
  • Zeta Beta Tau
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Dylan Taylor (301) 233-9678
  • Zeta Psi
    • Recruitment Chair(s): Cavit Ireland (516) 998-5676