IFC Executive Board 

President: Jon Romano

Contact for: General questions about the IFC, its leadership, or matters concerning the larger Greek community at UMD.

Vice President of Administrative Affairs: Logan Young

Contact For: General questions, IFC social media, website inquiries, or questions about Expansion

Vice President of Financial Affairs: Cameron Robinson

Contact For: IFC budget or IFC membership dues

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Michael DiDonato

Contact For: Community-wide events for the Greek community

Vice President of External Affairs: Patrick Dochat

Contact For: IFC/PHA Tailgate, Community service events, and working with the City of College Park

Vice President of Recruitment: Matt Dewees

Contact For: Fall and spring recruitment questions, Campus Director, Orientation Chill Sessions

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion: Andrew Economides

Contact For: Promoting diversity and inclusion in your chapter, or resources about how to have these types of conversations

Vice President of Membership Development: Tyler French

Contact For: Junior IFC, Emerging Leader Retreat, anti-hazing initiatives, or general leadership development

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Oli Abrahmson

Contact For: IFC academic performance, academic support programs, or individualized chapter academic support

Vice President of Risk Management: Alex Viscount

Contact For: Violations of risk management policy, Social Event Monitor (SEM) policy, registered parties

Chief Justice: Andrew Poppel

Contact For: Chapter sanctions, policy questions, or Judicial Board hearings

IFC Advisor:  Christine Licata

Contact For: Any matter concerning the IFC, or the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life (DFSL)

Graduate IFC Advisor: Matt Renn

Contact For: Any matter concerning recruitment, administrative affairs, or internal affairs.

Graduate IFC Advisor: Jacorey Patterson

Contact For: Any matter concerning membership development, academic affairs, or finance.